Friday, March 19, 2010

The First of Many

Well hello! I have finally succumbed to the peer pressure of my sister and have started a blog. I don't really know why. Mostly it will just give me something to do while I'm at work and bored. It will also be very useful while I am in Jerusalem so that I can document my adventures and have you all read them! Even though I haven't even left yet, my adventures in the Holy Land have already begun. Here's a quick (or not so quick) recap:

I applied to go to the BYU Jerusalem Center in November 2009. I have wanted to go to the center ever since I heard about it when I was like 10 years old! I never really thought about it once I actually came to BYU, but once I remembered things happened in a whirl wind! One day I was looking at the application, the next I had it entirely filled out and ready to turn in. I don't know what drove me to it, but I'm super glad I did!

From there, I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I found out in mid-January that I had been accepted!!! I would leave April 27 and return August 12. Things were in the works.

I was so excited once I found out I was going, but I also had some reservations. First, I am going to miss my best friend's wedding! I was supposed to be her maid-of-honor, but I'm not even going to be here. Secondly, I talk to my parents at least once a day if not twice, or even five times! Yesterday I couldn't get a hold of them until about 10:30 pm, and I was freaking out! It's gonna be really hard for me to not be able to talk to them all the time, but it's worth it. Lastly, I am missing my best friend coming home from his mission. In all honesty, this is probably the hardest one for me, but he'll still be around when I get back. :) Other than those things, I am all gung ho for this adventure!

After I found out I had been accepted, I started my payments. My first payment was for $1,000 and my second was for $5,355. This trip is definitley not cheap. The initial price is $9,650!!! Luckily, I got some scholarships that paid for about a third of it! The intial price includes airfare, tuition, books, all food, all housing, and even laundry. Basically the only things that I will buy for myself over in Jerusalem are basic supplies like shampoo and such and souvenirs. But, before I go I have to get an entirely new wardrobe. My clothes can't be tight, my pants have to be waist high, and my skirts have to go to my mid calf! I've already spent $424.82 and there's still more for me to buy!!! But again, it's totally worth it, and I have a completely new wardrobe! Things are going well.

The next things on my list are: continue shopping, make a final packing list, and keep being STOKED to take this adventure on!

To be continued...

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