Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes, it has been quite a while since I have blogged and for that I apologize my dearest followers. But I'm about to make it up to you.

My sister wrote a blog about flowers, so I decided that I should write one about them too.

I've had many discussions with various people about flowers lately and why they make a girl feel so special. Most guys just don't get why sending flowers to a girl is such a big deal, but let me tell you: IT IS. It shows that the guy took the time and effort to send them to you, they are beautiful, them smell delicious, and you just feel awesome when they're delivered. And yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

This past week one of my very bestest friends decided to leave me and go home until the fall. I was heartbroken. I cherished every moment I had with him until the moment he left. Okay, that is very dramatic and exaggerated, but I really was heartbroken that he was leaving because he is my go-to guy whenever I need something, and vice versa. Anyways, I said goodbye on Wednesday night, and he left Thursday. Well, Friday at work I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off because we were having a luncheon for about 40 people, when much to my surprise a girl delivers this beautiful flower to me!
It was so unexpected, but I knew exactly who it was from the moment I saw the flower. I was so touched/sad/excited that I started crying. Yep, that's me, the ball baby when I get flowers. But really, it made me feel so special knowing that my friend cared about me enough to send me a flower.

So guys, the moral of the story: If you really wanna tug on a girl's heartstrings and get to her, send her flowers. It works like a charm.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Too Much

Lately I've been feeling like I've been doing too much for some people in my life. Usually I think that I'm not doing enough for people, but in this case I can honestly say that I am probably doing too much. I just can't say no to (certain) people. I mean, I genuinely love helping others out (it gives me a rush and makes me soooo happy, like indescribably happy), but this has gone a little too far. If they asked me to jump in front of a train for them I probably would. I am always doing whatever they want/need me to do, and it's starting to wear down on me.

Part of the reason is that they don't really reciprocate how much work I put into our relationships. That is partly my fault as well though because I never ask them for anything. Ever. Actually, I have like once and they came through for me, but otherwise there's never really been an opportunity for them to help me. But even when I do a lot for them, they don't really do as much for me as I would like them too.

Are my expectations too high? Should I expect them to do as much for me as I do for them? Or is this all my own fault because I set this precedence by never, ever saying no? Am I over-reacting? Am I just being a good friend like anyone else? Should I bring this up to them and let them know I'm feeling a little used and they could maybe do more? Or should I just keep my mouth shut, tone it down, or keep it at the same speed and maybe they'll surprise me?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I figured that I should update my blog since it's been a while. And I'm also in a Chem 105 review for a while longer, so when would be a better time than now?

Finals have begun. I have four this year, well really three, but really only two. My English 316 class has a "final", but we don't. We just have to show up and get our final projects (which I think we rocked). I also have a final in Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, but as long as you fill out the study guide you will pretty much get 100% on the test. So my real finals that I am worried about are Chem 105 and clinical nutrition. I calculated my grades for Chem 105, and as long as I get at least an 84.3% on the final, I will get an A. I also calculated by grades for my clinical class, and I would have to get a 97% on the final to get an A. That really isn't feasible, so I've reconciled myself that I am going to get an A- in that class. That is a HUGE blow to my GPA and partially to my self esteem, but I'll rebound.

I am actually surprised at how well I have done this past semester. I have been out of control with my playing and it's been showing in my school work. I should get an A in all of my classes except clinical, so that's not too bad. The great thing is that I am having so much more fun than usual and my grades are still pretty good. So all I need to do work through my finals, and I'll be okay.

Boys are meh. I have lots of friends, but not any that are willing to make more out of our friendship. I have my eye on a couple, so I'm just trying to be patient so that things will hopefully work out. These friends are great, so I don't wanna ruin anything. And we do a lot together, but I think that we are stuck in the "friend zone" and I don't know how to get out of it. I honestly don't think that I will ever get out of the "friend zone" with the ones I have my eyes on. I need to be realistic, and realistically nothing will happen. But we are good friends, and we enjoy being together, so at least I have another best guy friend. I think that's my lot in life.

I have had a lot of opportunities lately to be there for people when they need me. A few of my friends have been going through some hard times, and they have trusted me enough to talk to me about their worries and struggles. I have felt so useful and so special for being that person that others can come to. Even though it is a little bit of a burden for me (just because I feel for them and worry about them), it has been one of the most rewarding periods of my life. I have always prayed to be "that person" that is always there for other people, and now my prayers are being answered. I am just so happy that people trust me enough to talk to me.

That's about it. If anything else exciting in my life happens I'll write.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I am dedicating one of my few blog posts to Jimmer. For all you haters, deal with it. I love Jimmer, and BYU basketball, so I wanna write about it.

Last night's loss to Florida in OT was heart-wrenching. The whole team, especially including Jimmer, was not on their best game. Jimmer went 11-29... Ouch. The team shot an over 35%... Double ouch. Our 3-point shooting was at a low of 27% (we made 10 of 37). Our boys didn't perform like I and the nation expected them to.

And yet, we stayed with Florida pretty much the entire game. We made it to overtime when most people thought we would get demolished without any post presence. Florida shot 48% overall - 13% better than we did. And yet, we stayed with them! Jimmer was beat up - strained calf, chin injury, his should was bruised. And he still scored 32 points. Yes, it took him 29 tries, but he did it. Our next best scorer only had 9 points. Ya, I think Jimmer did okay.

Furthermore, our entire team did great! This is one of the best teams that BYU has ever seen - possibly even the best. We did well, especially considering the loss of our big guys. Our team performed better than any one of our "haters" could have.

All in all, I'm proud of our boys. They did what they came to do. And I love them for it.

Farewell, BYU basketball. May you rest in peace until next year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Honor Code

I am a VERY DEDICATED BYU basketball fan (although I've never been to a live game, I watch every game on television). And as such, my blog deserves a post about this amazing sport and the great men who play on this team.

With the disheartening news about Brandon Davies' season-ending suspension due to an honor code violation, I have been forced to think about the honor code and what good it really does us. Was suspending Brandon worth a possible national basketball title just to keep a few far too stringent rules? (This is what others are saying, not me.)

I'm glad to know that not only me, a BYU student who loves the honor code, agrees with me in saying that BYU did what was right for Brandon, for the team, and for the school. Follow these links to see what others are saying:

All I know is that I am grateful for the honor code and all the 'rules' placed on me by the church. I know that although they may seem unrealistic and stifling at times, in the end they protect me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Lately

This post is per request of my one dedicated reader - my sister. Yes, I think she is the only one that even bothers to look at this anymore for which I am grateful. I thought I'd just update her on my life even though I tell her pretty much every detail of it anyways. Here goes it.

School: Great. This semester hasn't been as bad as last semester... yet. My classes are pretty easy and I am learning a lot. But it will definitely pick up the last little bit of February through March due to four research papers (6 pages, 8 pages, 17 pages, 20 pages), 3 other papers, two powerpoint presentations, four group projects, seven tests (not including finals), and almost numerous other assignments. I'm trying to get ahead now so that I'm not freaking out later. Even though it will be very time-consuming, I'll probably enjoy the rush and pressure to do well and get things done. I think my favorite class this semester is Chem 105 which is good since I'll actually have to know it for the MCAT. Yep, love school. And BYU. It's so great.

Future plans: Yes, I am still planning on going to medical school to become a cardiac surgeon, and possibly specialize even further in pediatric cardiology. I tell everyone that cuz it sounds really impressive, but we'll see if I can actually get that far. I have another year of school left until I graduate, then one year finishing up my pre-reqs for med school, a year of doing my internship to become an RD and applying/interviewing for med school, then I finally will be there! And then another 12 years and I'll be done. Yep, here's to the future.

Roomies: Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! K seriously, I couldn't ask for better roommates. We all get along so well, we love each other, and do pretty much everything together. We've even started working out everyday together and eating healthier. They are such awesome girls that push me to be better. And we definitely laugh a lot. A lot a lot. Rachel and I just bust up laughing in the middle of the night at the stupidest things. Man, that girl is a hoot! We were definitely meant to be roommates freshman year so that she could light up my life.

Ward: LOVE AGAIN! Our ward is really social and outgoing, so it's fun to get to know more and more people. I've definitely attached myself to certain people in the ward (Steph, Apt 7 and 302 especially), and I don't do anything without at least inviting them. I love being with these people. They always make me happy and are just great friends who are there for me even when I may not be there for them. Again, Heavenly Father definitely directed my life to be in this ward so that I could meet these people.

Boys: Umm I'm twitterpated. (Is that how you spell it?) There are a certain few that have caught my eye, and I love them. One in particular is my favorite at the moment. We do everything together, but I am definitely still in the friend zone. Hopefully things will change sometime, but I'm not pushing him on it. He gets really scared really easily, and I don't want to lose my best friend. Patience is not a virtue I possess and I usually give up pretty quickly, but I'm in this for the long run. I'm gonna try my hardest to make this work. But if it doesn't, I still have a best friend. :)

Jerusalem: I miss it everyday. I wish I got to see more people from there, but I'm always stuck in the ESC either at work or in school. I haven't kept in touch with a lot of people, but I still love everyone like they're my family. I freak out whenever I see someone from there, and I wish it happened more often. I got to see a friend that I hadn't seen since we left in August, and I was ecstatic! I almost screamed, but we were in the library. I can't imagine my life without that experience! And to think that I almost didn't go for a boy! Psh! Not worth it.

Work: Great. I have a great boss, good coworkers, and it keeps me busy and feeds me lots of food. I really enjoy what I do and I am learning a lot of life skills that I can use later on in life. Plus the money isn't great, but it's better than nothing right?

Summer plans: First off, it needs to come faster cuz I have some amazing plans! I will be living in Provo and working at the Physics Department 40 hours a week (more $ please?). I've heard Provo is completely different in the summer and everything is just so chill. It will be nice to have a break from school since I haven't since Fall 2009. I'm going to Newport Beach in May with my parents and one dedicated reader as part of our Christmas present. My roomies and friends have also planned to take a roadtrip to the Los Angeles area in June. It will be my first roadtrip! Man, I am so stinkin excited for that. Partay! I might take a class in the summer to help me get closer to med school, but we'll see how I feel when it comes.

Random: I am on an innertube waterpolo team, and we rock. It's super awkward and embarrassing, but I have fun. I'm also on a basketball team with girls from the dietetics program which is so fun. It's good to know that we can still have fun together even though we are always together! I am going to see the 7th Harry Potter movie this weekend. A little late, but hey it's way cheaper. I am a hot tub addict. I go at least once a week, and it used to be almost once a day! It's way more fun when boys are there too.

Overall, life is absolutely amazing. For the past couple of weeks I just keep telling myself that I am so blessed! Heavenly Father is definitely shining on me right now. I'm kinda waiting for it all to fall apart, which it might, but hey at least I love life now. I couldn't ask for more (except for the boy to get a move on)!

One dedicated reader- I hope this satisfies you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

So it's Christmas. That means lots and lots of finals (BAH!!!), food (gain 10 lbs), family (:D), and fabulousness in general. Too bad I'm stuck in the endlessness of finals. I feel like I can't really focus on the wonder and spirit of Christmas because all I'm doing is studying (and writing blog posts apparently). How can I get the spirit of Christmas into my life without impeding on my studying? Or do I just need to not study as much and focus completely on Christmas? Your thoughts?