Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, I am dedicating one of my few blog posts to Jimmer. For all you haters, deal with it. I love Jimmer, and BYU basketball, so I wanna write about it.

Last night's loss to Florida in OT was heart-wrenching. The whole team, especially including Jimmer, was not on their best game. Jimmer went 11-29... Ouch. The team shot an over 35%... Double ouch. Our 3-point shooting was at a low of 27% (we made 10 of 37). Our boys didn't perform like I and the nation expected them to.

And yet, we stayed with Florida pretty much the entire game. We made it to overtime when most people thought we would get demolished without any post presence. Florida shot 48% overall - 13% better than we did. And yet, we stayed with them! Jimmer was beat up - strained calf, chin injury, his should was bruised. And he still scored 32 points. Yes, it took him 29 tries, but he did it. Our next best scorer only had 9 points. Ya, I think Jimmer did okay.

Furthermore, our entire team did great! This is one of the best teams that BYU has ever seen - possibly even the best. We did well, especially considering the loss of our big guys. Our team performed better than any one of our "haters" could have.

All in all, I'm proud of our boys. They did what they came to do. And I love them for it.

Farewell, BYU basketball. May you rest in peace until next year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Honor Code

I am a VERY DEDICATED BYU basketball fan (although I've never been to a live game, I watch every game on television). And as such, my blog deserves a post about this amazing sport and the great men who play on this team.

With the disheartening news about Brandon Davies' season-ending suspension due to an honor code violation, I have been forced to think about the honor code and what good it really does us. Was suspending Brandon worth a possible national basketball title just to keep a few far too stringent rules? (This is what others are saying, not me.)

I'm glad to know that not only me, a BYU student who loves the honor code, agrees with me in saying that BYU did what was right for Brandon, for the team, and for the school. Follow these links to see what others are saying:

All I know is that I am grateful for the honor code and all the 'rules' placed on me by the church. I know that although they may seem unrealistic and stifling at times, in the end they protect me.